Merci-Fortune is an independent handbag company based in Saint Petersburg, Florida.  We are committed to making beautiful fine leather goods that will last a lifetime.  We strive to create timeless designs that will persist season after season.  In sourcing the materials for our bags, we focus on quality and authenticity.  Our bags are made using premium leather from one of America's oldest tanneries.  Our linings are made from durable, stain repellent American made fabric.  Our bags are made in small quantities in New York's garment center to ensure the highest quality in production.

Made in NYC
All Merci-Fortune handbags are made from Horween® leather and are handcrafted in New York City. We are proud to be listed by Save the Garment Center and Made In NYC as a maker that is helping to keep New York City the fashion capital of the world.

Merci-Fortune offers free shipping on all purchases worldwide.  We strive to ship all items within 24 hours of purchase.  Items purchased on weekends will ship the next business day.  A tracking code will be provided on all shipments.  Signature is required at delivery.

Orders in the United States of America:
We offer UPS ground shipping anywhere in the United States of America.  Because we ship via UPS, we cannot ship to P.O. boxes.  

International orders:
International orders will be shipped via the United States Postal Service.  For more details and international shipping terms, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Return Policy
An item purchased from the Merci-Fortune website may be returned within 14 days from the date of receipt of the item purchased.  If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us at customer@merci-fortune.com as soon as possible.  To receive a refund, the item must be returned in perfect condition in its original packaging and include any accessories. For more details, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Where to buy
Our handbags are available primarily at www.merci-fortune.com.  We also participate in the American Field pop-up markets.  We will keep you posted if we will be in your area - stop by and see us!.

Handbag and Leather Care

Our handbags are made from full grain, water proof leather.  Leather is a natural material that can become more beautiful with age.  These are some helpful hints to insure your handbag maintains its natural beauty.

Condition Regularly:

Conditioning your bag regularly will prevent damage and wear to the leather.  Conditioning restores lost moisture, keeping the fibers flexible. With exposure to sunlight or just general wear over time, the original color of leather may fade. Leather fades as it becomes dry. Conditioning will help restore the lost color.  We recommend applying conditioner to the entire piece instead of spot treating.  Wherever you store your bag, take it out and air it regularly to ensure that the leather does not become dehydrated.

Our hardware has been treated to prevent tarnishing and should not need polishing. Small marks can be buffed away with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid keeping your bag in a stuffy place or using metal polishes, harsh cleaners or perfumes on the hardware as this could remove the lacquer and discolor the hardware or mark the surrounding leather.

Avoid Water:

Avoid getting your handbag wet.  If you get caught in a rainstorm and your bag gets wet, remove the bag's contents and pack it with absorbent paper.  Wipe away any moisture on the leather with a dry cloth.  Always allow leather to dry naturally.  Avoid using heaters such as radiators or fires to dry the leather.  Water damage can leave leather dry and brittle, so restore lost moisture by conditioning.

Preventative care:

Always condition leather prior to use.  We recommend using a quality leather conditioner regularly.  Use a leather conditioner to moisturize or a refurbishment cream to take away scratches from the leather when necessary.

Be careful about what you put into your handbag. Our linings are made from soil and stain resistant material, but may still need occasional cleaning. To clean the lining, pull the lining inside out and removing any excess dirt by dabbing with absorbent paper or a paper towel. You may use a small amount of dish soap and water to assist in the cleaning.   Avoid getting water on your bag’s leather. Use absorbent paper or a paper towel to remove excess water.  Wait until the lining dries before putting it back into your bag.

Avoid over packing your bag.  This can stretch the leather and put a strain on the stitching and closures.  Avoid sharp objects with your bag to prevent scratches.

Give your Handbag a Break - Occasionally, your bag needs a rest from duty. To store your bag, clean and pack it loosely with acid-free tissue paper. Put your bag in its dust bag (never store leather in plastic) and store in a dry place away from bright sunlight.  Some leathers may develop a white discoloration if unused for a long time.  These are natural waxes and oils in the leather surfacing. If that happens, clean with a dry cloth.

We cannot accept responsibility for ordinary wear and tear.  Contact us at customer@merci-fortune.com for suggestions on maintaining the quality of our products.


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